Friday, November 26, 2010

'Tis the Season

It is here! The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday- the official start of the Christmas season. (Unless you work at Target- Christmas arrived there the day after Halloween.)  As is our tradition I planned to load up all the kids and set out to find the perfect Christmas tree to spark the holiday merriment.  Andrea, who is my mini-me, happily donned her boots and  grabbed a jacket.  Then I moved on to the less enthusiastic crowd..."It's Christmas time guys!  Who wants to go get a tree?" "Ummm, no, I think we'll stay here," grumbled my husbands 4 children.  Then on to the teenage boys who were still sleeping soundly.  "Hey guys, we're going to go get a tree!  Wanna come?" "imtryingtosleepgeez" mumbled Jared as he glared at me through the one visible eye. "No" was all Collin mustered before he rolled over and put a pillow on his head.  So off Brandon, Andrea and I went to Sleighbells Christmas tree farm where we found a beauty of a tree in the form of a 7 1/2 foot Noble Fir.

Then home we came with our Christmas treasure.  I turned on the Christmas music and asked: "Who wants to help decorate the tree?"
"Not I," said Brandons kids.
"Not I," said Jared.
"Can I go to my girlfriends house and help them decorate their Christmas tree?" asked Collin.
"I'll help" answered Andrea.

So the tree is up, the giant candy canes are in the yard, stockings adorn our banister, and ribbons and lights have given the house a festive glow.  I'll let you guess which of all the children is going to get the most presents this year.


  1. The tree looks beautiful and may the gifts shower down on Andrea this Christmas!!

  2. Hi, like your blog, I totally understand the way the men are in this family. Like your tree also. Merry Christmas season. Love Mom