Monday, November 8, 2010

A great place to work

Recently at Brandon's work they did some remodeling. I expected new, cheery paint, brighter bulbs, new desks and tables. The usual office improvements and upgrades. Tonight he took me for a tour of the new place. First we stopped by the spectacular modern chrome kitchen . After taking advantage of the free Starbucks cappuccino and hot chocolate machine we mosied over and lounged on the couch in the large cushy rec room with the massive flat screen TV. Then we meandered through the upgraded and sparkling cafeteria with it's free drinks, blood pressure machine, and in house bank, past the fitness room, and on to the game room with another big screen TV, a pool table, a Foosball table, and each took a seat in the Cadillac of massage chairs. For 15 minutes my body was kneaded, pulsed, vibrated and rubbed from head to toe.

"Why would they do all this dear?" I asked, thinking to myself that these upgrades had to cut back on employee productivity. "They want us to think this is a great place to work" he replied. As I thought back over my day at work I pondered the perks of working for the public school system...900 kids...and their boogers...hmmmm...still pondering...


  1. Wow! I want to work where Brandon works. Too cool! No thanks to the boogers and 900 kiddies. At the end of the day, who comes home the happiest--you or Brandon?

  2. Holy goodness where does he work? I have to say I love my job - sick, crabby, impatient, and sometimes truly crazy patients and all - but what kind of amazing work place offers what his does? and how do I go about getting my boss to agree?

  3. Brandon works at Intel, and has been there ~17 years. They've been a great company. Sharlene-At the end of the day who comes home the happiest?...well, when I come home from my "work" day I get to wash laundry, make dinner, clean the house, and chauffeur kids around. At the end of his work day he gets to wear laundry, eat dinner, and enjoy the clean house- so I guess he's probably the happiest one at the end of the day!