Saturday, November 6, 2010

206 days until summer

I love summer! I love the warm sparkling sunshine, the clear blue sky, the smell of fresh cut grass. I love the lazy mornings and late evenings. Picnics at the beach, outdoor movies at the park, the smell of BBQ's wafting through the neighborhood, and road trips. But most of all, I love the feel of fresh dirt between my fingers, spending hours wandering through the nursery finding the perfect additions to my yard, watching tiny seedlings push their way through the soil to reach for the sunshine. I love watching the bulbs spring forth as their sumptuous blooms come forth after a long winters nap. I love the hanging baskets of geraniums and trailing lobelia and the climbing clematis that liven my front porch and make me smile as they grow.

As fall sets in, with winter quickly on its heels, my spirits seem to fall a little as each of the plants in my yard begin to turn yellow and wither away. The gray skies move in, sunshine grows dim, and the whole world seems to sigh as it settles into the dreary winter months. I've considered hibernating from about the first week of November until mid-April, and have even done my part to pack on those winter pounds, but the logistics of taking off 5 1/2 months has just never proven doable. Laundry still needs done, kids still need fed, and my employer refuses to agree to the arrangement. So, as a compromise between myself and Mother Nature, this year I am attempting to keep a little piece of summer around all year long.

My computer room is now brightened by the cheery red blooms, and green foliage of my plentiful collection of geraniums. Last week, on drizzly Saturday in late October, I carefully and lovingly repotted my large outdoor plants into more suitable indoor containers. Then I shifted and scrunched the current "space-taker-uppers" from off the filing cabinet, table and shelves to make room for my 6 glorious pots. I'm hoping they'll take to their new gentler surroundings and flourish and grow, as an alternative to the yearly suicide their predecessors have chosen come winter. I'm also hoping they will help keep my winter-blah's at bay. Maybe I'll make a little picnic, spread a blanket on the floor , turn the halogen lamp on high and pretend that summer is just around the corner!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. You always brighten my day. You make me laugh and you know laughter is good for so many things.

    You should write a book. OK, start with blogging; then write a book.

  2. Finally! I have been waiting for this day forever!!! Do the yellow withered away plants come back? My whole yard is yellow. Come help me plant a garden. I don't know how!

  3. Yeah - I am excited to follow your blog. I think you are one of the most fantastic and fun people I know. I love indoor summer - it's snowing here today and if i thought it would do any good at all I would protest! Good luck with the flowers!

  4. Yes, I echo what Cara said. Make that two gardens.