Saturday, February 19, 2011

RX for Sunshine!

Dear Insurance Company:

A few weeks ago my husband went to the doctor for a regular check-up.  They called back recently to let him know that after running his blood work, he was Vitamin D deficient.  Vitamin D...the good stuff we soak in from sunshine.  As you may be aware, we don't see a lot of sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest from about October until May.  We are a pasty, gloomy people, trudging about in our galoshes covered by golf sized umbrellas. 

I, being a loving wife who is concerned for my husbands health, as well as my own, decided we must do something to remedy this vitamin deficiency.  I'm sure you can understand why we don't want to settle for possibly unregulated or imported vitamins from a bottle. I am currently working hard to find a sunshiney environment where we can soak up the necessary nutrients.

I realize whatever destination I choose will be out of my in-network area, so will only expect you to cover the cost at the out-of-network 70%.  Would you prefer to handle the reservations yourself, or shall I just submit our itinerary along with a copy of our medical coverage card?

Thank you for your ongoing concern with our health and well being.


  1. Soni, good idea getawaways really should be part of a health care plan. I just went outside last week and started getting exited for spring, it was 60 outside then it snowed yesterday and today. But it is coming, I just know it! I'm ready too.

  2. Oh how I wish it worked that way!