Sunday, January 9, 2011

Take me away...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rains start in September or October, and don't let up for about the next 9 or 10 months.  This means that by about January not only is my skin a pasty shade of vanilla but my overall mood has taken a serious decline from the lack of sunshine and vitamin D.  My darling husband has learned that in order to get me through the gray spring months and into my happy season (summer) I need a Spring Break trip.  The planning and anticipation are nearly as therapeutic as the actual trip. However, planning a trip is not without frustrations!

Someone needs to invent a user friendly vacation planning web site.  The kind where I just have to put in the dates I want to travel, inform it of my meager vacation budget (or rather the meager budget I hope to attain after filing my tax returns), hit the return...wait while the little glowing dots travel across my screen to show me it is hard at work...then Poof!  Out comes a list of suggested vacation destinations given my limited criteria. would like to travel in March for less than $500 can go to Boise,  Reno, or South Dakota.  Willing to spend $1000?  How about Las Vegas, San Diego, or Phoenix.  But no.  Everyone of the darn sites insists I put in a destination.  Honestly, I don't care where I go.  I just want to go AWAY!!!! And it's got to be sunny!



  1. subscribe to travel zoo. They have really good deals and they send you an email every Wednesday.

  2. The most *beautiful* place in spring and fall is Knoxville, TN. :) But I've yet to find a reasonable air fare. (no direct flights into Knoxville, sadly) But if you want sunshine and color, this is your place.

    PS ~ too hot in the summer, and winter brings snow, but with a healthy dose of sunshine, however.