Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have discovered that a sure fire way to get all those pesky little  chores around the house done is for me to start a big project that I dread doing. Last week I planned to paint the bathroom.  I didn't want to.  I taped off the molding, then walked away with an overwhelming urge to do laundry.  Came back a while later, slapped on a coat of primer, then felt compelled to clean out the fridge rather than continue in my drudgenous task. (And I am NOT one of those people that cleans out their fridge with any semblance of regularity)  Reluctantly I returned to put on the first coat in the bathroom, then was drawn away to organize a cupboard. A little more paint...think I'll go bake

Today  I have multiple "things" I'm procrastinating.  I'm supposed to teach a lesson in church tomorrow...hmmmm....maybe I better start the taxes instead.  Started the taxes.  This proved to be more stressful than the original lesson I was avoiding.  Decided it was urgent that I remove all the dead leaves from my plants, and water and fertilize them.  Came back to the lesson for a bit.  Had an anxiety attack. Watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  More anxiety as it left off with Izzy stopping her boyfriends heart in order to move him up the transplant list while Dr. Burke, the heart surgeon, lies bleeding in the parking lot with a gunshot wound. Aaaugh!!! (yelled in a Charlie Brown frustrated voice!)

I suppose I'll go rotate the laundry, get out the Valentines decorations, start dinner, itemize my charitable donations for the year, see if Denny survives Izzy's desperate act, and then I've gotta get back to planning my lesson!


  1. Soni, I can relate very well to your blog today, I am working on my kritters and am to the covering part(dipping flannel pieces in glue mixture and covering over armature), I don't like this part and find all kinds of other things to do. Miss you Mom

  2. Soni, Soni, Soni. You are so funny! I loved this post!! And who can't relate to everything you said and especially the "Aaugh!"