Saturday, December 11, 2010

day off

I have ended up with the whole day all to myself today.  Whatever shall I do?  I should paint the bathroom that desperately needs it.  I should clean out the "Harry Potter" closet under the stairs (where I'm sure I would find all the things that have been deemed lost, stolen, or missing for the past...well, since we moved into the house!) I should go check our storm drains and crawl space to make sure we're not going to float away in this horrific rain we've been enduring.  I should bake Christmas treats for my friends and neighbors.

Those are just a few of the things that I should do. But what I'm gonna do is make a nice hot cup of candy can cocoa in a snowman mug, turn up the heat, put on my cosiest hoodie, and que up the Netflix. One of the few perks of a rainy day (other than helping with bird poo as mentioned previously) is it makes a great excuse to have a lazy day! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I did all your chores here at my house. :) But I did take time for a cup of hot apple cider. Next--cocoa.

  2. Guess what I did yesterday?.... OK I went to the early movie and saw "Burlesque" I loved it! especially Cher. She is older than I, and she looked awesome, I love older woman shows. Also Christine Aguelera was in it, she was awesome also but I didn't relate the same as CHER. They were two tough women who didn't budge from their dreams. I really really loved it. Go if you have a chance, but there was a lot of boobies and butts.